Since 4AM I've been praying for the STAND conference here at the international house of prayer. Leaders, pastors, messengers, and worshippers have gathered here in Kansas City, MO to seek God and take their stand for his purposes in their generation.

A little bit later I'm going to announce the launch of the Malachi Project with John Boegl , one of the other leaders of the MP. We're really believing that many people are going to connect with the vision of the project and lend their skills and talents to the cause.

At the info session, I'm going to call journalists, writers, editors, bloggers, history buffs, students, and more to help us turn this wiki into a hub of research activity, all centered around identifying black Forerunners from Church history. A lot of work has gone into this day and it's finally here.

But this is in so many ways simply the first day, Day One. Here is where you, the participants, come in. Hopefully we will be able to leave our mark history and speak to the generation coming behind us by "turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons, and the hearts of the sons to the fathers."

The work is before us and God is with us. What have we to fear?

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